More ads like this needed

So, this is a quick post, a little different from my normal posts because it is basically a commercial. I’m not selling anything, advocating, or advertising. But I wanted to comment on the commercial.

In case you don’t want to watch the video, here’s a summary. Music is playing. That is the only sound at first. We see a boy and his dad in the store. After asking his dad, the boy runs down the aisle and decides between a Superman and Wonder Woman doll, choosing the Wonder Woman.

The kid flashes back to memories of his mom as she is dressed as Wonder Woman and he is Superman, as they run around in the yard playing. 

As he and his dad are checking out, the dad tells the cashier that the boy’s mom is deployed. The cashier tells the boy that the doll has a super power, that anything the boy tells the doll, his mom will hear.

So, he talks to the doll and shows her drawings he made. The dad tells the mom over the phone and sends her the pictures. So, when the mom is video chatting with the family, she thanks the son for the photos.

Later, he tells the doll he misses his mom and wants her to come home. 

In the final scene, he is sad and his dad asks him what is wrong. He says that it didn’t. The dad asks if he is sure, and then steps aside, revealing the mom in the far part of the yard.

I love this ad because it showed the mother as the deployed person instead of the dad. I don’t expect the ads to ever shift so much that it would appear more women than men are deployed. That would just be silly. However, I would love to see more ads like this.

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