About Me

Hello. I’m Peggy Trujillo, and I love telling stories. It’s what I did for 20 years in the Navy.

I currently live in Frederick, Maryland. It’s where I was when I retired. I plan to move to Carrizozo, New Mexico, sometime after I earn my bachelor’s in communication arts from Hood College.

I got a late start at college, choosing to spend 20 years in the Navy before earning a college degree.

I loved my time in the Navy. I spent the first 10 years as a journalist and the next 10 as a mass communication specialist. Not much changed for me between the two titles. Public affairs was always part of the mission, sometimes primary and sometimes more in the background. I told stories through print stories (features being my favorite), photography, video, and radio.

I saw a lot change for women in the Navy during my 20 years. I want to continue telling the story of women in the military until the day I finally see a world where people recognize that women are doing the same things as their male counterparts, the day when women wearing a Navy/Air Force/Army/Marine Corps shirt don’t get asked what their husbands did in the service.

I spent my last three years in the Navy teaching journalism and public affairs at the Defense Information School to the next generation of Navy mass communication specialists. I found a love for teaching adults, and that is what I plan to do after I get my degree. Obviously, that means pursuing a master’s degree when I complete my bachelor’s.

All of these things fit well with my ENFJ personality. For me, it all boils down to telling a good story, no matter how I choose to tell it.